CARAN D’ACHE haute ecriture ambassador Jon Monnard use Ecridor

After earning his degree in marketing and communication, he worked in a library, a publishing house and a school. In his début novel Et à la fois je savais que je n’étais pas magnifique, published in 2017 by L’Age d’Homme, this young author deftly combined artful prose with a critical examination of modern youth. Earning praise from the Francophone Swiss press and his peers, Monnard has made a successful bow in the literary world. The State of Fribourg awarded him a grant to support literary creation in 2017/2018 for his second literary project, dedicated to American romanticist Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald and on the subject of his wife Zelda Sayre, who was committed to a psychiatric hospital in Switzerland during the 1930s. Monnard is active in cultural circles. He presents a radio programme on the Colours 3 channel “Du côté de chez oim”, and is a regular at the Villa Noailles in Hyères, France, an internationally renowned cultural mecca.

“As a child, I dreamed of having a Caran d’Ache set of colour pencils. Now, as an ambassador for the Haute Ecriture range, I am incredibly proud to represent such a prestigious Maison. I feel as though I’ve been bound to Caran d’Ache throughout every stage of my life, from coloured pencils for drawing with, to a ballpoint pen for jotting down ideas or signing a contract, through to a fountain pen for autographing my novel.”

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